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Translate article to other language?

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Translate article to other language?

if I translate an article from English to another language, it is equally important to rephrase the text?

Thx in advance!

best regards
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Hello Niklas,

To my knowledge, there's no reason you should need to rewrite an article if it's a translation (except, of course, so that it makes sense in the translated language); to Google's eyes they're different articles (plus, it doesn't make sense to penalize sites that have a different language version of content, since not everyone in the world speaks English!)

However, you still want to make sure the original article is original content, just in case someone else has also translated the English version of the content into the same language as you :)
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Translated articles are considered original content - be it human or bot translated since these are translated in another language. There is no need to rewrite these articles. Perhaps maybe you need to make sure that they are properly translated, meaning everything still makes sense.

Also, if you are translating content that are academic, you may want to still name your source.

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