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Too Lazy? Website For Sale and Ready to Go

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Too Lazy? Website For Sale and Ready to Go


I'm looking to sell my Forex Affilorama site. I'd be willing to sell it if the right price comes in so I'm willing to listen to offers.
You can view it here.


I built this site back in December when I first got Affiloblueprint. When I first joined I built many sites in many different niches and since then I have developed a few favourite niches. I have over 10 Affilorama sites and am looking to offload those in niches that don't interest me. This site falls into that category and is why I want to sell this site.

When this site was first built my main source of traffic was through article marketing on ezines. I kept at that method for three weeks and sold the FAP Turbo ($80 comission) followed by Forex Automoney during that time. Since then I started to build other sites so there has been no real backlinking efforts since then.

The site has pages and pages of unique content written by a real forex trader with experience who has written for reuters and other business publications. In addition the 20+ ezine articles pointing at the site are also written by him.

All keywords were chosen using NPC's money word matrix. WIth very little backlinking I am ranking for a few terms including 'profitable forex system'.

Traffic at the moment is about 200+ uniques per month.

I feel this site has potential and has made me sales when I first started promoting this site. All that needs to be done is backlinking and promotional activities. It's got good content on it written by an expert in the field of how to learn forex.

Please PM me if you have any more questions. I'd be happy to answer them.

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