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To go static or go blog

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To go static or go blog

Hello Everyone,
I'm still undecided whether or not to use a traditional static site or our wordpress blog theme.

For me one of the draw backs of using a blog is the time commitment. I mean having to moderate the blog comments and responding to comments and all that.

With the static site you load up your 30 articles and then you're baically on autopilot and can move on to the next site.

If I make the wordpress static and load up my 30 articles again I'm basically on autopilot but if I want to and a new article periodically to entice the bots,it's so much easier to do it in wordpress.

However, if I make wordpress static, then I lose the ability to preload articles in the schedular and being able to drip feed the bots by pinging them and letting them know on a regular basis that I've got some new food your ya!

So, that's my dilema.

Is it possible to make the blog none static, publish a new article/post, ping and then change it back to static status??? Does that work?

I would appreciate your thoughts as to how you are dealing with your decision to go traditional static site or blog static???

Thanks for your input
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Myself I prefer static. You can organize the content better than you can with a blog cms acting as a static site. The big one for me though is static pages are way less likey to get hacked and there are no frequent security updates to apply or plugins that need updating, etc. Set it and forget it = static.

xsitepro works well if you don't know html otherwise dreamweaver, expression web or any other works well too.

Good luck with your site(s).
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My vote is for wordpress if you're not scared of a little HTML learning...
1. You can add plugins later if needed
2. SE love Wordpress
3. You can secure a wordpress blog with a script and some tweaks...
EG: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/secure-wordpress/
http://www.simplehelp.net/2007/09/10/9- ... ress-blog/

If you are a complete newbie and shudder at the thought of building a website then Xsitepro is great... but eventually I would move on to a wordpress site.

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