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Three strong websites or 30 different websites?

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Three strong websites or 30 different websites?

Hi Mark
In your tutorials, I've noticed somewhere you talking about 2-3 strong, high quality website with vast field and expanding subpages. and somewhere else you talking about almost 50 different account(or website) for making pretty good money. which one really works? focusing on 2-3 major topics that is pretty hard or just make a website for whatever comes up and has potential for conversion. I'm really need a strong logical detailed explaination for starting if you folks can help me.
Thank you.
Ardalan :?:
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Well... I'll let Mark answer that one... but in the meantime, regardless of whether you do 3 or 3000.... you need to start with one.... so get yourself a topic, detail out your plan and what keywords you are going to build a site around and then start with 1 really good site :D
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I started with 1 site and got myself earning a full time living from that first.

Most people I know of who are doing well online started with 1-3 sites, got a good formula going first, then branched out and created a lot of sites.

The key is you need to learn all that goes into monetising a website. Then you can make lots of sites, especially if you get good at outsourcing.

Even if your first site doesn't make you $1000 a week, even if you tweak away at it and it makes just $50 a week. At least then you have some sort of blueprint and an idea of what works and what doesn't so when you make your next 10 sites, you won't repeat the same mistakes 10 times over.

Hope that makes sense,

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