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This should weed out push buttton millionaire products on CB

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Particularly love this .....

* Videos that portray or reference a fictionalized individual or life story, where a vendor makes false claims as part of the product pitch.
* Videos that portray or reference the vendor him or herself, where the vendor makes false claims about his earnings and experience as part of the product pitch.
* Videos which will not allow viewers to exit or pause.
* Expert endorsements without substantiation (for example, an endorsement from a doctor must have proof that the doctor has performed tests or evaluations performed and has mastered the subject matter being described in the pitch)

Oh, and the scarcity, and the 'special price', and the upsell limit ..... Actually, lovin the whole lot!

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This is fantastic for people like most of the marketers here in terms of being a vendor. But affiliates would need to reevaluate their promotions now too.
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