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Thing to do big commission affiliate

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Thing to do big commission affiliate

Actually, I'm doing Physical niche blogging and Adsense based niche blogging. Now-a-days thinking to go with big affiliate commission products when I can earn 100-500$ for each sale.
I read a lot's of guys who are making real money and passive income from their affiliate niche based blog. and they are earning more than $100K.

I wanna have a try. I really don't know will it possible for me or not? But at now, I have a lot's of time. And I'm earning good amount of money to enjoy my days. But now I want to play with big markets. And I wanna target $100K monthly from niche blogs only.

I really don't like the paid marketing. I only believe in contents, blogging, and my SEO skills.

Is there anyone from this forum? I would like to discuss with you guys.

Hope, you guys will really help me

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Learn with Tonmoy
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There is nothing wrong with your idea of earning big commissions through niche blogs. At the same time you can rely even on sales that fetch you small commissions. Five to ten visitors that buy small commission products can even make you the money you can earn in one single commission. A combination of small affiliate commission and big affiliate commission products is also recommended.
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What I have learn, If you want to go big (in Digital Info) and earn big money per month than you have to go for your own products making and selling it through Affiliates (just like you and me are doing).

But you mentioned Physical Products of Amazon Right? because I never seen Google Adsense Physical Products but only promotional command they have to offer. How to Increase Physical Products Selling Commissions without Paid Traffic Sources, Well, it is a big and challenging task which I also never tried so far but have a little Idea.

If you build a Social Community Site where People Love to talk, Share and Review different physical products by registering on it than I can say you have the chances to make more money. If you have any other idea than you can share with us so we can put some more thoughts about it as well to help you.
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Top tier niches are not reachable by a money seeking person on internet.
we have to start it with minimum cost products.
need to build list to catch the buyer again.
Buys Solo Ads if you want Top tier commission with the high ticket products.
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Affiliate marketing is based on selling other's products to earn commission. All affiliates are doing the same mistakes at their starting and fails, the mistake is to find the free and cheap ways to promote their affiliate links, some found and just got only clicks instead of sales.
Why anyone buy your product?
you have to capture your buyers and always connect with them, the only way to capture real buyers is SOLO ADS (E-mail Marketing.
Join any auto-responding service if you have a valid list of buyers.
If any newbie don't have any list of any niche then they have to buys SOLO ads to promote their link and getting SALES.
If any one can earn $1 from internet then he must spend $0.1 to get back his first dollor.
HERE is a wisdom verb "there is noting FREE in the SELFISH World".

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