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The Next BIG Thing...

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The Next BIG Thing...

Hey folks,

No I'm not selling anything... ;)

I know a lot of you get about billion sales pitches in your email. It's hard to avoid. Those new to this need to learn a lot of stuff and sometimes just to get basic information you need to sign up for a newsletter. It quickly gets out of control... especially when frustration sets in (and it will) and you start looking for instant success. The headlines of these sales pitches would have you believe that 20,000/month is just a click away. Do you really think it's that easy?

The thing I find most funny... is that a lot of the guys who teach good information still send out tons of these emails selling the next latest and greatest thing that you simply MUST have, even when it's not their product. Why? Because it works, they are feeding off you emotions.

Here's what I'm curious about:

Do these types of pitches:

1. Confuse you to the point of abandoning your dreams of success?

2. Inspire you to work harder to become "just like them" or at least to reach your goals?

3. Make you feel inadequate because you must be doing something wrong if it's that easy?

or something else?

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I buy allot of the stuff, but I live in an area that has an extremely high cost of living an thus high salaries.
$100 for an IM product is not allot of money for me. I won't go over that though.

I don't see the harm in buying a new product, if it is something you can afford, and you think it offers information that you are lacking.

One should also stick to there skill level, some one just starting out wouldn't be helped out by Frank Kern's Mass Control, but an experience email marketer probably would find the $2000.00 value in it.

Lastly I don't mind getting a refund when a product turns out to be junk. It is really easy at clickbank.

As for the Gurus selling and Selling over and over again, you can really blame them, they find a starving crowed and supplying them with what they are starving for.
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J.C. Dean
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makes me unsubscribe. right now I am on Mark Ling's and Matt Carters lists, because both send me emails that have good information, as well as the occasional ads for a product that i dont need.

Personally, THe only im training product that I have purchased in the last year is AB. since then, i havent needed to buy any. It taught me the basics, and everything else I do, like blogging, I have learned from forums, and by using common sense.
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Hello Stephen,

Your concerns are a matter of "personal ethics". Even though there are a lot of these things in front of you, still in the end, it is up to you to either accept these or not.

I agree with JC Dean, you cannot blame people who are teaching this but doing another. Their intentions must have been pure "business". There are a lot of factors that contribute to why they are doing this.

However, it is still up to you if you will fall in the pit or not. It would be a good thing that you become aware of these things so you can really weight which information are best for you and which ones don't.
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