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The Ideal Computer for Affiliate Marketing

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The Ideal Computer for Affiliate Marketing

Hey everyone,

Being a complete newbie, I got to thinking of what would be the ideal computer for a complete newbie to get. How much memory should it have, hard drive space etc? Nothing fancy or overly expensive--just enough to be successful.

Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks
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Pretty much anything that can get online should be fine. You don't really need many bells and whistles... at least I don't.
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Hi chillbear4,

I have a 300 GB laptop and its perfect. If you think you are going to put in a lot of hours I personally think a laptop is better than a desktop. I do this full time so I often find myself working on my sites/learning/researching etc for a good 12 hours a day. After a while it really helps to be able to stretch out on the sofa. Id be an absolute wreck if I had to sit up at a table to work for that long. Mind you, it could be an age thing, lol. Ive seen my adult, but still very young sons put in close to that many hours at their desktops without any problems at all. :)

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One that's on someone else's desk! HAHA Outsourcing is the way to go!

But for your own machine you really don't need anything too high tech. I know that laptops can be pretty cheap these days... in fact, the new ones are better than mine that is a year old and they are twice as fast. I love the laptop because 1) I can take it with me and 2) I have two monitors setup... I love the two monitor setup!
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Technically you can use any PC that supports the latest browsers.
Even Pentium III PCs will do.

But if you're using XSitePro, then you need a more powerful PC

Those are the ideal specs but you can go below that.
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Hey Chillbear,

I'll have to agree with Beldin's response...you don't really need much disk space as everything will be stored online anyway, but a lot of new laptops now are very cheap.....You can get a very high spec one for less than a $1000. But, yeah, it's better to use someone else's PC.... Outsourcing is definitely the way to go : )
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I have a laptop that I bought two years ago and it has a 2GHz Intel Pentium processor, 2GB RAM, and 160GB hard drive. It now runs on Windows 7 because I upgraded my OS recently but it originally had Windows XP (well actually, when I bought it, it had Vista starter but I changed it to Windows XP Pro the moment I got home from the store as I did not like Vista at all). Even when I still had windows xp on it, it was more than good enough for internet marketing activities.

Of course, if you will be using any special software, like graphics software so that you can design or edit your own images, you should first look into the system requirements of such software to make sure that you will be able to run it on your computer.

What you really would want to have is a fast internet connection. The faster, the better. As mentioned above, you will do most of your work online, and also likely be doing a lot of uploading and downloading, so you would want a fast connection.
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Definitely get a system that allows for two monitors and budget yourself for two monitors. You will often have to have your website up or your WP admin page on one monitor and follow along with training videos on another at first. Then as you advance you can have outlook or something similar open on one screen and do your work on the other. I have been using two screens for the past 4 years and when I have to take my laptop and go somewhere else I feel like I'm using a horse and buggy. You will not regret the decision. The most you should spend on the whole system shouldn't be more that $1,200 (including the 2nd monitor, tax etc.) don't go overboard but don't forget that time is money and if you're going to be doing the graphics yourself you don't want a slow poke system either.
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