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Suggestion for Affilorama Team

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Suggestion for Affilorama Team

I have a idea for a new product from Affilorama (or through another brand):

It would be great if they could create a course on the basics of marketing your own products online:

eg. how to build a product website that converts, including sales copy, setting up a shopping cart, ssl certificates, download pages, thank you page etc. How to drive traffic to that page and how to get affiliate partners. It would also be useful to talk about the differences between an affiliate site and one which you sell your own products on.

This course would ideally be in the same sort of format as Affiloblueprint and for a similar price!!!

At the moment, I don't know of anyone who has developed a good entry level course which shows you how to market your own products using mainly free tools and without hiring specialist staff.
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Hi Greg,

Thanks for this wonderful suggestion! I have forwarded this to our management and added this to our feedback/suggestion page as well to see if we can get enough 'votes' from the Affilorama community. You may 'vote' for this suggestion at

Creating and Marketing your own Products online
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Sean Morrissy (a previous Affilorama member and big inspiration to me when I was getting started) created a product like this about a year ago on his website www.sixdayweekend.com.

I don't think he sells it anymore though. However, if you get in touch with him, he might be able to work something out with you.

I got a chance to look through it and it was pretty good. It was mostly about finding a good niche, making an info product, creating a sales video, and buying traffic.

(I'm kind of sad it seems he doesn't sell it anymore since he mentioned me in the sales video :)
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Wow - this idea is great - a tutorial for newbies - I like and I would definetly participate :)
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