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Successful Internet Marketer in Blenheim New Zealand

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Successful Internet Marketer in Blenheim New Zealand

Hi guys

I would dearly love to meet face to face an Internet Marketer based in Blenheim New Zealand is there such a person? I as a lot of others am struggling to go forward, I understand a lot of affiliate marketing but find it easier to go one on one. Is there anyone out there interested in saying hi and helping me.
Kind regards Jennifer
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Hello Jennifer,

You do not have to meet an internet marketer/guru if you want to learn more about internet marketing. There are tons of resources about it online and all you have to do is to read them. But, if you prefer someone who can really show you step-by-step how stuff works, you may hire a web marketing guru to teach you. Of course, you can also do this online. Try to search on several freelancing sites to start.


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I know that none of these are really close to you, but might be worth the trip to meet some people and find the community and/or one-on-one support that you are looking for:

http://www.meetup.com/Auckland-SEO-PPC- ... ing-Group/
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