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So Excited To Get Started I Forgot My Password!

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So Excited To Get Started I Forgot My Password!

Hello WORLD!!!!

I am excited about my new journey. I was introduced to Affiliate Marketing by a close friend, who saw me struggling in MLM after MLM, not making money. I have nothing against MLM's, but I dreaded the constant recruiting involved and worrying about whether or not my "team" was performing well enough for me to advance in the company! To me in many instances it still felt like a JOB!

So here I am, brand new to Affiliate Marketing and learning so much in just the short month since I signed up free. I did a test run of the free products and videos. I was BLOWN AWAY! So much information that was FREE! Completely free!

Well I decided to try the Blueprint, and I am speechless! There is content that I would have otherwise spent hours, maybe years trying to cull through. It's all here laid out. And if I have questions, the Forum is only a click away! How awesome is that?

At any rate, I just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. I was born in NC, lived in Texas for almost 20 years, and now live in OK. I am have worked in just about salesperson position imaginable since leaving the military in 2000.

I was initially drawn to Network Marketing, or since I'm a bit old school Multi-level Marketing, while in the military. I never had much success in any of the dozens that I tried over the years.

So when a friend introduced me to Affiliate Marketing, I thought it was DIVINE sent! A co-worker is also into Affiliate Marketing as well and had talked with me about it. It wasn't until my friend introduced me to Affilorama that it started to make sense!

Needless to say I am excited, nervous, a little scared, definitely uncomfortable, but driven by a determination to succeed. My personal goal is to walk away from my current job December 31, 2015!

Who wants to party with me to ring in the New Year when I do?

Cheers! and much success and blessings to everyone!

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Hi Tammy,

Welcome to Affilorama!

I hope you were able to take advantage of the Affiloblueprint special offer we had for St. Patrick's.

I am sure you will enjoy the course! Please let us know if you have inquiries: you can send us an email through the contact form on the support page, or post it here in the Affiloblueprint forums.

Have a good day!
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Yes, I was motivated to purchase because of the special pricing! With all the extras that I received it was well worth it! I have the Travis Traffic tool installed and have been playing around with it to familiarize myself with it. Some of the other tools I will wait to implement as I go through the training.

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Great post Tammy, wish you all the best! Remember to ask lots of questions in the forums when you need help.

One thing I know about MLM folks (and former MLM folks), is that they definitely have the "money mindset" i.e., they can create incomes at will because mindset is what needs to be continually strengthened the most to be able to KEEP DRIVING FORWARD and not quit before the magic happens; to keep building to eventual success offline and/or online and MLMers have that I think, at least my parents do from being in multiple MLMs, and it sure did rub off on me growing up for years in an Amway & Melaleuca house lol. :)
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