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site review?

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site review?

Any chance I can get some one to review my site? I know I need more content, and I know that the side bar isn't arranged correctly, I'm trying to find out how to do that. I just want to know if I'm on the right track, and get a basic critique.



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It's in the instruction videos week 9 4b I think
All looks good when you finish your articles add a contact us and privacy policy page it helps in seo and google quality score
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Hi Kurt,
Looks good, but if it was my site would probably make the book a little smaller so your call to action gets in to the first fold or considering your 1st page is based on losing fat perhaps before and after shots of fat ppl that have lost weight with book down the bottom?

For reviews you need to warm the reader up (like you did in the 2nd half of the page) not hit the reader straight away with a cut and paste off the back of the book too salesy. The reviews hit you right between the eyes as just sales pages.

Look at what Mark did in his video on his WoW site he more or less spoke his way through just like he was talking to someone selling features and benefits very subtle. Remember he had star ratings also he sold a few products on the same page. Just some ideas.

Just from my point of view I know there is a lot to take in that is why I value feedback from this site, you just need to tweak it a little bit.

Keep going though nearly there :)

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Hi Kurtw,

To be honest I think your site looks fab :)

I'm starting to think mine's a bit naf now.....I'd definitely buy from your site if I was looking for that kind of product.

Well done,

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hey Kurt, it's not bad for starters, but your plan to expand the site should involve giving away more content. The first thing I notice when I go to your site is a book to buy.

Instead, maybe offer a free ecourse, or something valuable to make people to sign up to your list. I've got a lot of experience in this niche and I can tell you people buy a ton of stuff.

Having a good list is key, especially in this niche. For a good example of what to do check out: http://www.gain-weight-muscle-fast.com/

Hope that helps,

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