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Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

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Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Well I am debating on upgrading to windows 10. and thought I would ask your guys opinion that use win 10 in the I.M world.

I have windows 8.1 and have not had many problems with it except for some of the programs I downloaded and small dialog-notification box.

such as
serif webplus ( web design program)
paint shop pro

the programs work perfectly other than they have very small workspace icons and it makes it very difficult to work on projects.

im not a technical pc guy but I think the problem stems from my operating system. or possibly my resolution (3200/1800) but if it was the resolution wouldn't a lot more things be affected?

I have never seen a issue like this and info on google is slim to none. I have tried adjusting the icon size in the 2 programs listed above but they were already set on high.

If you look at the image below you can see how my google search bar looks like. its so small (search text) and google image. (like 6-7 pixel text) I have the same issue with my computers notification box. (the pc came with win 8.1 and have always had this problem)


just as a example I took a screen shot of what my notification box looks like while writing the post, for example of my problem with small text.

So I guess my main question is does win 10 work well with your downloaded programs? anyone else have this small text problem?
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Hi Nate,

Overall, I like Windows 10, especially in terms of layout and features. However, I could not say much about the compatibility of those programs with Windows 10.

For your browser, I think this is a browser-related issue. You can try to use a different browser if you're uncomfortable with small icons.

As for the rest of the problems you have on your PC, this may be related to your screen resolution. You may check this how-to here on how to chnage your settings on Win8: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/wind ... resolution
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OK my browser is internet explorer, never had a problem with it in the past (with other pc's since 1998) so has anyone experienced this tiny text problem with IE?
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I do not experience this problem in IE. Are you sure your resolution is 3200/1800? I'm using Windows 7 and the highest it goes to is 1280/1024. This is what I have mine set to which is also the recommended setting. If I change it to a slightly lower resolution everything does get smaller. You would think it would get bigger, but it gets smaller because it cuts off parts of my screen on the top and bottom - they go black. If I turn it to the lowest resolution everything gets really big. I'm guessing it's your resolution making everything so small.

I'm hesitant to upgrade to windows 10 because I like Windows 7 and because they seem to be pushing hard for people to upgrade. It makes me wonder why. I've also heard that Windows 10 spys on you - it keeps track of your activity and stuff just like Google. I even seen a video on yahoo news a while back about "how to keep Windows 10 from spying on you". If I did upgrade, I would at least do a little research first to see what info they are gathering about me.
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Hi, I purchased a new laptop with windows 10. I like it as it is very easy to use and has quite a few neat features. It comes down to preference.
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Hey there nates450r,

I come from an IT background so i will try and help you best i can. Windows 10 is by far their best operating system in years. Its highly functional and seamlessly updates with all your programs and documents in tack.

I suggest upgrading just for the sake of having an OS "operating System" that takes up less resources and has much smoother functionality.

You have a fairly high resolution but im assuming you also have 2 monitors. When you're on a webpage just hold you ctrl button and mouse scroll wheel downwards "or towards yourself" that will change the size of the text and boxes and everything. That may help.

Honestly though - You should upgrade because eventually your computer will do it anyway, may as well be on your terms.
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mark schaaf
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I know some really good computer people and according to them if you have windows 8 the move up to 10 it works well but he told me that if you have 7 not to bother. It still works but has problems of some kind so I am still using 7 and don't plan to switch.
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I heard a lot of people say that Window 10 is not compatible with many software.
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I've tried windows 10 and I'm really a fan of it. But what didn't work for me may not necessary be the same for you. If you need the upgrade, then I suggest to go for it. But as for me, I would stick to what I have now since windows 10 has compatibility issues with some programs that Microsoft needs to resolve ASAP...:)
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Windows 10 upgrades and installs have been a Gold Mine for us. I am a Degreed and Certified IT professional with 40+ years of experience. My employees are all College Graduates and Certified. We have literally done over 1000 Windows 10 installs. The only issues we have faced are with software for the visually and hearing impaired. We will be releasing our 2nd Windows 10 eBook shortly.

Personally, I upgraded several PC's in my home from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (Mostly Win 10 Pro) and I was blown away by the performance Increase. Programs like Photoshop, Video Studio, Paint Shop Pro, Serif, that would KILL Windows 7 ran flawlessly on windows 10 with no effort at all. In fact, I could run one of each simultaneously.


Our Greatest Success has come with users who knew little or nothing. Once they realized it takes from 4 to 26 hours, they just let it run and they were fine. Just to test it, I once turned a computer physically off in the middle of an upgrade. When I turned it back on the next day, It soon picked up where it left off and finished successfully.

As far as Browsers, we generally use Pale Moon and Torch. No Issues
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