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Should I submit my site to DMOZ?

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Should I submit my site to DMOZ?

Is that possible if you are running an affiliate site?

On the DMOZ site submission regulations it says: "Don't submit sites consisting largely of affiliate links."

So is it pretty much futile to try and attempt this?
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You've got nothing to lose by trying to get your site on DMOZ - leave it to them to decide if your site consists largely of affiliate links or not, they may have in mind sites that are completely stuffed with wall to wall links.

If your site provides readers with helpful and useful content - which it should anyway for SEO purposes - then its quite possible it will be fine for DMOZ.
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Unless your site is High PR, Excellent Quality Info and atleast 1 year old, forget about DMOZ.
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But then there really is no harm in trying, even if it's a bit hard to get listed on DMOZ. There's truth in "faint heart ne'er won fair lady"
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