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Shocked With Last Night's Webinar

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Shocked With Last Night's Webinar

Hello AR members,

Well I will probably get flamed for this, but I feel the need to vent a little bit.

Firstly, I must say that these webinars are great and most of the time anyone can bring something back home to apply in their business. I also must add that I really enjoy Mark's way of teaching, similarly I enjoy Daniel's AMA. With that being said, I don't think that last night's webinar was up to the usual high quality standards. Sure there where some tidbits of information that a newbie would have enjoyed about keyword research and competition analysis. The piece about Google Analytics was really valuable. But all in all I thought that the webinar was supposed to be about back linking?

Maybe I was over thinking it but I was really pumped up before the webinar. As I thought I was going to hear some expert advice about specific linking strategies and how fast we should be building links to our site, etc. There are many theories on proper back linking and I thought that was going to be the discussion. Honestly, I felt like Mark's webinar for his bootcamp was of higher quality. The webinar is the one where Mark "shows" you how to find niche related blogs and forum, and as well he shows you good practices for each type of backlink (flight simulator niche). This fantastic webinar only cost $1 as it is what I got for trying out Affilorama premium for 7 days.

I will say that most of the webinar last night had nothing to do with back linking strategies and was more or less about spying on competition and the promotion of his product. While spying on competition is important, I think the title of the webinar was misleading. There was maybe 10 minutes of actual talk of back linking strategies and it wasn't even until Mark said something towards the end of the webinar.

All in all I was left with the feeling that if I didn't have x product (which I already have AMA) then I couldn't do well within the SERPs. I do agree that blog networks are a great part of a linking strategy but I don't believe for a second that it is the only part.

Did I learn something last night? Sure did... but it wasn't about back linking :*(

End rant...

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Usually free webinars are just glorified sales pitches. Yes you may learn a tiny bit of valuable info but that's just the bait. Welcome to marketing 101!
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there are 2 types of webinars that you will see. some are to teach and some are to pitch a product. most of the product pitch webinars are going to tell you how you absolutely have to buy their product to make it work.

Some are better than others and the content is really outside of Mark's ability to control since the person presenting the webinar does most of the presentation. some people do more teaching than others.

Also, as you become more experienced, you will find that they really all say the same things anyway.

the really good ones are the teaching webinars that you get with the bootcamps and paid programs. they are more designed to teach lessons instead of promote products, although there might be a few recommendations thrown in from time to time.
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I agree wholeheartedly these are sales pitches from the person presenting free webinars, they kinda tease you.... getting you to want more content and information, about a product or service.
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I find all of Marks seminars useful even if they are product reviews. Just the fact that Mark is promoting something tells me that it's a worth while product.

Anyway I missed the Webinar, and haven't seem a replay yet. How does this new product differ from AMA?
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JC Dean
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Thanks for chiming in guys :)

Yeah I know full well about the so called "free" webinar, ecourse, etc. but the thing with this one was the fact that there wasn't any information on back linking. Should have been called something else...

@jcdean no difference as far as the service I don't think and it cost $20 more. Mark did say something about if you have AMA you don't need this. Its called rapid free traffic.
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I agree with bizbop, Rapid Free Traffic indeed does the same thing that AMA does.
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I was disappointed in the content of the webinar also. There was a miscommunication between me and Daniel. Last time I had him on a webinar it went for over 3 hours (when he taught outsourcing strategies), so this time he thought he had run out of time and cut out several of his backlinking strategies from the webinar (he had covered keyword research and so forth but didn't cover the free backlinking methods he was meant to on the webinar).

So, I ended up having a talk to Daniel after the webinar and we're going to re-record the webinar sometime in the next couple of weeks and make it include a lot more great free backlinking strategies.

My philosophy on webinars is that they should provide at least 45 to 75 mins of free valuable content that makes it worth the viewers time, even if they never buy a product that may or may not be offered at the end of the webinar.

This webinar, while it had good content on keyword research, didn't fulfill the goal of teaching lots of great free backlinking methods, and Daniel does have a lot of valuable information to share from his time running his SEO company, hence why I didn't mail out the replay but am waiting to get him on board to re-record this webinar so that it delivers the value that was intended.

All the best,
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Sometimes people have the best of intentions, but don't live up to expectations. Daniel just seemed to have a lot on his mind during the webinar, give him a break.
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I can put a fantastic webinar together for your readers.

How would I go about arranging this?


Adam Franklin
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