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Self Inflicted Wounds...

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Self Inflicted Wounds...

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and thought it would be an excellent way to introduce myself and let you know more about me, what I do? Where I am from? and where I intend to be.

Firstly, I wanted to thank everyone at this site, it looks like an excellent place to learn.

Ever since I was young, I have dreamed of 2 things obsessively, when I say obsessively, I mean it! I breathe, talk, daydream, converse about these 2 things every single minute of the day, here are those 2 things:

1. To Inspire and prosper millions.
2. To be wealthy

Notice, I used the term Wealthy as I believe that riches and wealth are 2 very different ideas, to define:

Riches - To have lots of money
Wealth - The continuous growth of life

I believe that combining these two wants will create a perfect solution to helping others, to help others be successful, you must be an example firstly, but most importantly, you must have the ability to embed a new way of thinking into their minds, a paradigm of thought where anything is possible.

As a lover for all things digital, I began seeking ways to learn and earn online, I am 25 years old now so I have been on the computer since I was young, though my journey to earn started when I was about 22 years old.

3 years ago, I started a blog called 2012-media.com, it was just about anything I had learned in the day, from various pull ups you can do on a pull up bar, to cleaning your trainers with lynx. It was executed perfectly in time for the 2012 conspiracy theorists (lol) so my traffic was buzzing, I was extremely frustrated to have lost my site which I worked on for approx 3 months before I could no longer afford to pay the hosting.

YES! I was that broke and YES! I have a huge problem conforming to this slave - baas (boss) style mentality. No matter how hard I tried, I could not find a job I enjoyed doing and when I did, it was short lived. I was also very unlucky and most likely a huge pain in the rear for most employers.

So for 2 years of my life, I sat dreaming, observing, learning, reading, researching and getting very frustrated with my lack of resources. Through this mad depressive time, I was broke, I hated myself, I had no confidence, I felt dead all in my early twenties. I was in about £14,000 debt and every-time the phone called or a letter came in the post, my heart sunk. I was not signed on to benefits either for most of the time and when I did, I used to gamble the money in the hope to win some life changing money. It was a viscous cycle and I became a loner spending hours by myself just walking.

Many people dont realise that this cycle of fear, creates a prison in the mind. People would say stuff like just go and get a job! If you really wanted a job, you could find one, your just being lazy. This was pure ignorance. I still have the thousands of applications I applied for, as proof for others to see.

How does anyone expect a person with no grades, a patchy work experience, no confidence, low self esteem, stress that makes you feel like your going to explode, no money and competition that made you look like a shrimp, walk in and get a job? Very slim probability, I can tell you from experience.

But amazingly, here's the something that happened which changed my life, it was very simple in theory, but felt impossible in practise. I learnt to think differently...

At this present moment I have worked for the same job for 1 year which is the longest I have ever done, I earn approx £800 a month which is peanuts for the 40 hours a week I do, but here is the magic:

1. In one year I have reduced my debt to £8000, I walk 4 hours to and from work to save my money, pack lunches and rarely going out.
2. I now have £6000 in savings, so I am basically debt free if I was to pay a settlement fee.
3. Amazingly, I don't even earn this much in a year
4. I still have not earned a penny online.

How does this work and why? Money is magnetic, your thoughts really are things. I have changed just one thing in this past year since I have been at this job and that is the way I think. I have had so much luck with money its just a miracle, the TAX office sent me a £1000 rebate I never even applied for, a 4 year old job sent me a cheque for £280, I won £114 on the lottery, I found a £50 note in the middle of the road, I bought a load of goods from china and sold them for good profits, these are just a few magical things that have happened in the last year.

Even from a very young age, I have always known I was going to be a very wealthy human, I just know it. No matter how much debt I had, how broke or lonely or depressed I was, no one or thing could take my dreams away.

Being broke for so long was actually a living hell, but through hell I have found heaven. I would read day in day out, I would sit for hours on end learning about local server set ups, wordpress, joomla, everything design, absolutely anything related to internet marketing, it was my life. I also discovered the personal development industry and would spend hours in the library reading success books.

So when I started this job, I started with a different philosophy and have ended with a different result.

Sometimes I think how great it would be to start this journey again, I dont care who you are, what you have, or what you know, if deep down in your heart, you lust for a revolution of self, you will get it. Give me nothing and I will give the world everything! - Adem (you think quoting myself is a bit self-righteous? So do I, but that was epic)

So what have I been doing for the last year online? I actually don't know, I have learnt alot about softwares, coding etc. But as far as business goes, I believe I have been to humble in my approach neglecting the fact that to teach people to be wealthy, first one must be wealthy. I have been working on a public library republishing and sharing books as well as video site, I spend hours working on this site every single day.

I have had to learn indesign, photoshop, illustrator, joomla, PHP, html, cpanel, SEO, just about everything. My library has only been live for 3 months as this is now my 6th revision and my video site only went live last week. I did not want to post the links as I am unsure of the rules.

One of the biggest frustrations I have is my lack of knowledge, what I have done in a year, an expert could have done in a month. My other problem is that everything is free, I have recently added an astore into a shop section of the sites, but I need to stop being so giving. I put alot of time, energy and work into these projects that have no real return on investment, but I want to keep it that way. I love working on these sites, I love the fact it purely is for love, and also feel proud to know I am reserving some of the greatest books ever written on my niche subjects.

So, my big plan for 2012 is to make my first $2000 month. I know this is a high target, but I believe if you reach for the stars you will achieve the universe. I also have investment money here so can take my projects to the next level if needed, I am looking for other like minded people who would like to work together or share ideas and knowledge or even a guide to help me reach this goal.

I would like to join up with great writers who cant build sites, great site builders who cant design, great designers who cant write etc. Each person should bounce of each other in reality and have their own work to do. So for 2012, here's what I have to say:

1. Hi, elite marketeers, I am finally here.
2. Never give up
3. Dream what no man has dreamed before
4. If you have a job, dont quit until your making some money online
5. Stay active
6. Drink lots of water
7. Fruit and veg
8. Meditate
9. Read the Best salesman in in the world by -OG Mandino
10. Find what you love to do - and Just do it - Nike

I wish everyone well for 2012, stay positive and keep working hard people!

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The mind is everything
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Hey welcome on board, great to have you here.

I just finished reading your story, congrats on getting yourself out of debt and I hope to hear you acheive your 2012 target of making 2k a month online.

All the best,
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Hey there, welcome aboard - you are so right about fear creating prisoners of us! We have all felt the fear and with everything that you need to learn it can be paralyzing at times - but once you break through that barrier - man, there is nothing to stop you!

Well done

Rach :)
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Hi Adem,

Welcome to Affilorama and thank you for sharing your story with us! It's truly remarkable and heart-warming, and you still have a long way to go, plenty to look forward to. :)

We would be happy to help you achieve your goals this 2012. Do not hesitate to let us know, either by posting here in the forums or contacting us through our support page.

Have a good day!
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Thanks everyone for the humbling comments, there is something I have learnt from experience
which is, if you are strong enough to pull through any negative circumstance, you are certain to
reach a positive one, just like in maths, two minus's equal a plus ;)

Stay positive and much light
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The mind is everything
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Welcome to Affilorama!

I can relate a lot to your story. You've been through a few challenges it seems, but I think you definitely have the right mindset to succeed at internet marketing or anything else you apply yourself toward.

There are a lot of great people here who can help you whenever you feel stuck and don't know how to move forward.

Let us know if you need any help :)
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