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Seeking Constructive Feedback on My Amazon Site

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Seeking Constructive Feedback on My Amazon Site

Hi everyone. My site (housewarming-party-invitations.com ) is designed to use WordPress to sell housewarming party invitations from Amazon. I have the products served up as postings. I have a few articles on it and outsourced my SEO/back linking work. I looking for help in determining what I can do to get actual sales from the traffic going to the site. I think my design/layout needs work to increase my CTR and thus generate sales. I get clicks but no sales since starting the site in May 2012. Also if there is any reasonably priced consultant who could do the redesign work I'm open to discussion. Thanks
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Hi mtolbert,

Yes, you need to re-design the site. It is too plain and does not fit the theme or niche of your site. The first step is to re-design it, then limit your ads. There's too many ads running right under your header and on the sidebar. Choose just one place in your site to put ads. I suggest you put your site's information (recent posts, categories, etc) higher up the sidebar, instead of ads. I also suggest you make all the fonts the same. You can make them into different sizes, like make the H1 bigger than H2, H3, content, etc. But make them the same type of font.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I agree on the number of ads. That might detract the search engines and users. Find a new template with a patterned background. Create an interesting header image as well. Good design helps. In your entries, add images, samples...all can be great content for your site.
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