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Seeking a Mentor

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Seeking a Mentor

Hello everyone,
I have been an Affilorama Blueprint member for approximately one month. I am slowly working my way toward my first site. There is a lot to absorb and a lot of uncertainty in terms of whether I doing things right or not when it comes to keywords, article writing, site composition, SEO, etc, etc..

I was wondering if there was someone who was very successful in this field that might consider becoming a mentor to me. I do not expect that the relationship would be too time intensive for the mentor but would be extremely valuable to me. I currently run a bricks-and-mortar business but wish to sell out in 2 years. I want to learn enough and have developed an adequate income from affiliate marketing during the coming 2 years so that I can support my family.

Thank you

Steve Holder

Raleigh, North Carolina USA
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I am very new to this site as well, and was thinking about posting to look for a mentor. Doesn't seem like anyone has piped up yet. Perhaps two newbies are better than one?

Let me know if you want to compare notes and/or have an accountability partner. Seems to work well in other parts of my life; may as well incorporate it here!


Sebastian, FL
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I believe that Sean Morrissy was doing mentoring, not sure if that's still the case.

The thing with mentoring is that usually the people most qualified to do so are busy making money in their businesses and to take time away from that can be costly unless it is adecuately compensated.
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