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Sales Page Question

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Sales Page Question

Hi all, I am not sure where to post this question but hopefully someone with sales letter experience can help me out.

I am having an e-book written by an Elance writter and will be done in a week. While that is being done I want to prepare a sales page but have not found a resource here on this topic. Where can I find information that will help me create a sales page that will grab the reader and convert to the sale?

Can anyone advise me on what should be included, or excluded in the sales page? Should this also be done by an Elance writter and if so, are there any specific instructions that should be provided?

Thanks for your help.
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Well, you certainly can have a freelancer create it for you. If you have the funds, that's great.

If not, you might want to start reading about copywriting and start studying other sale pages out there to see what the common functions are. Copywriters use human psychology to write these pages, so studying them is invaluable.

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hmm my advice would be go to elance again and post a project on copywriting. You will get bids from 100 usd to 5K usd. Look at their samples and see how those products are performing. Look for someone who has a copy in the niche you are in. Make sure they do understand your product and niche. Also look for their past reviews.

As for learning yourself, though its a critical skill but I think sales copy is too vital an element for the product success to learn and apply it straight away. Also, I believe that we IM guys tend to listen to too many people and try to learn too many things and end up being mediocores. The better idea is to focus on wht you do best and outsource the rest. I am making an assumption here that you are not broke and have funds to get things done :)
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