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Residual Income or One-time Commission?

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Residual Income or One-time Commission?

Which do you prefer? Residual income or one-time commission? My vote is always for one-time commission. At the same time I see many affiliate marketers opting for residual income. The only problem with affiliate programs that pay residual commissions is that the commissions go down if members stop renewing their memberships or upgrades. Hence there can be fluctuations in monthly earnings. What do you feel about this shortcoming? Do you still intend to go with affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions?
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I just take the money ;)... hardly matter if this is one time or residual ... :D

but otherwise .. i work on both models .. and I love residual more on one time ... and the reason is simple ... If you don't work in any particular month .. you still get paid while you sleep ;)
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Shaishav Sood
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Yes I also vote residual. I have a SaaS business model (recurring membership site). The best thing is that with residual customers you have the opportunity to learn more about them and grow as an internet marketer.

Make sure if you have a residual customer base you make the effort to reach out and learn about what they want!!
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