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Hey Guys,
I'm going to explore outsourcing my articles with Elance and I would like some information as to how the payment process works.

So, do I pay upfront to Elance and they hold the monies untill the project is done and they pay the writer once I tell them that I'm satisfied with the job?

Do I pay directly to the writer when the project is done? Do I pay a portion upfront and the balance on completion? Etc etc.

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As a general rule you pay the full amount for the project to Elance, and once you are both satisfied the project has been completed, you release the money to the worker.

Elance also allows you to setup Milestones, where you release a portion of the money as each part of the work is completed.

E.g. If you outsource a job of 10 articles for $100 you might set up 2 milestones, and allocate $50 for the first 5 articles, and $50 for the last 5.

When the worker completes and gives you the first 5 articles, you release the first $50, then they start work on they continue working.
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hi guys!
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i just started using elance and am very happy with the results (as stated above) the payment process is very easy. my first job that i posted was to have 6 articles written witch were done 3 days ahead of the posted time : ) and at a rate of $50 USD witch isn't to bad
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You mean $50 per article? how many words?
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