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Rate My Farmville Website?

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Rate My Farmville Website?

Website: http://www.Farmville-Millionaire.com

I am getting an average of about 80 unique visitors per day and generating only about one sale every three weeks, plus one or two clicks per day in adsense. - My Clickbank report shows an average of 10 people per day hopping to the affiliates page.

Half of my traffic is coming from organic search, a quarter is direct, and a quarter is referred.

Keyword with most traffic is "Farmville Mastery Chart" at 14% of visits. I want to rank for "Farmville Tips" but it seems out of reach.

I currently have about a dozen blogs on popular blogging websites which link back to the site with the anchor text I wish to rank for, but I can't seem to crack past the 5th place for "Farmville Mastery Chart".

I am in the middle of adding nofollow to outbound links on the website.

I have an AWeber account with about 500 double opt in subscribers for my Farmville mini-course, I also send out about 3-4 broadcasts per week with the latest Farmville news or strategy guide or review etc.

This broadcast is very powerful as I have set it to automatically RSS to the website homepage as a post which also adds itself as a seperate webpage, it adds to an RSS module on all of my blogs and it automatically posts to my Facebook wall and twitter account.

If anyone has any suggestions to increase sales I would love to hear them!

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Your site is loading VERY slow for me...I checked it against other websites that are not in my cache to make sure it wasn't my connection.

In addition, there's quite a bit going on with your site. I would make it less distracting. For one, I would move the SexyBookmarks to the bottom of your posts...The goal is for the user to click on your affiliate links, not to other websites you don't have an interest in.

Looks like your link html is off a bit on your second post.

# FarmVille Unreleased Provencal Farmhouse, Old Bike, Planter, Gold …

Not that that's the problem, but you should fix that.

Hope that helps a bit.
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Thanks mate!

It's amazing what a fresh set of eyes can do! I must of been skimming past all that :-/

I have now removed the related blogs sections altogether (these were added using a Wordpress plugin which I previously deleted).

I have moved the sexybookmarks to the end of each post, these open up in a seperate page anyway but your right, it will only distract from the affiliate offers.. test test test! =)

The speed issue I believe is either the amount of posts shown on the first page, OR the adsense at the top of the page.

I'll sort this out ASAP too.

Thanks for your help. Any other suggestions please let me know.
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Hey Dave,

Just a little warning here... Zenga goes after domain names with their game names in the domain name. I have a farmville domain too. I took it down because of people getting ripped off by Zenga taking their domain names from them. I was going to promote them a while back as they have a CPA offer but .... and this is ridiculous.... they do not allow you to use their game names in the titles of your ads or in the titles of your websites. They want to rank for those keywords and don't want any competition even from their own affiliates.

So, it is possible that after you work really hard to rank well for a lot of keywords, you'll get an email from Zenga requesting you to hand over the domain to them or remove it. I have no idea if they will do this, I just read about it and decided not to promote them.

Hope it doesn't happen to you,
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Chrisi's right. You might want to check these threads:
My Domain Has Been Suspended for Copyright Complaints
Copyright Infrigement - Domain Names
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