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Ramblings of a Mad........

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Ramblings of a Mad........

Red-head in my case, (hahaha)

Home from the day job, unwinding while reading Mark's blog and came across the article:

The Biggest Secret to Online Success Wednesday, January 19th, 2011 posted by jmpruitt

Quote: Another important point is to remember that relationship building is not JUST with potential customers. You need to build relationships with other website owners as well, especially ones in the same or similar niches.

I, for one can say, that this is exactly why I am posting this. I am still very new at all this. I live alone, with my dog Luce and cat Melvin. I also live in a rural farming community and commute to work 40 miles one way. As a waitress, I do not get weekends off or work days so my social life is nil and void except for the internet. Trying to discuss my "new learning"s with my co-workers I only hear negatives. Mark's taken my money, I'll never get anywhere or they just roll their eyes and change the subject quickly.

So here I am with you all. I'm reaching out and trying to develop relationships with fellow AB's. I'm new to this affiliate marketing and probably have more questions than answers. I once thought of posting a topic called, "The Big Puzzle". hahaha

I am totally content with AB. I have learned so much and am looking forward to putting more pieces together or unraveling some great mystery. This journey has been so gratifying. Each success, although I have not made a cent yet, spurns me on for more. I get lost now at the computer learning instead of surfing.

At the end of the article he asks two questions:

1. So, what is hampering your relationships?
My answer: FEAR
[b]2. What are you missing that could improve the relationships that you have built online?

My answer: TBA in other-words, when I build some.

What is your answer?

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Hi redritz, nice to meet you. I guess being an introvert myself I sometimes shun building relationships. But what pushes me out of my comfort zone is knowing the fulfillment relationships can give especially when it comes to addressing needs of customers. I think being a waitress you know more about that than I do. :)

Keep at what you're learning and apply it as soon as you can. With persistence you WILL achieve your income goal with AB. May I also caution and perhaps strongly advise that you focus ONLY on AB until you can make it work for you and not get distracted by the many 'shiny objects' along the way.

All the best and keep us updated on your progress! If you have questions do post them and/or search the forums. I think I can say generally that there are plenty of people willing to help. :) Sometimes, if you're lucky you'll even get an answer from Mark himself!

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Greetings Joshua. I am sure there are many on here who do not have time to reply or just small talk so I appreciate your reply.
There is SO much to learn on Affilorama and AB that I'll probably never stop learning that I don't have much time for anything else.
I'm trying to change my perspective about affiliate marketing now reading that it is all about building relationships that brings in the $$$'s and not all the other hype. With that in mind, maybe I will not free up so much when doing market research, (i.e. kw's) and writing articles.
Anyways, thank you again for the positive reply. Now back to my learning curve and business.

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I'm trying to change my perspective about affiliate marketing now reading that it is all about building relationships that brings in the $$$'s and not all the other hype. With that in mind, maybe I will not free up so much when doing market research, (i.e. kw's) and writing articles.

Hey Redritz

People have many different ideas about how to market their sites, there are the social kings (like Sir Pruitt) and there are the article kings (like Jacksonlin). Having tried both I know that success very much depends on the niche that you are in - eg I made a sale of an IM product without officially writing a word, but in a health product I couldn't find a group that were not affiliate marketers trying to 'build my trust' so SEO was definitely the way to go there!

Whichever method you use there is no quick fix. It takes time to build a relationship, it takes even longer to maintain it, just like in the real world :o)

Keep working through your AB and once you have your site set up the best idea is to get in a groove and get links from everywhere - Fara reveals her great strategy in this post: How many articles to submit for backlinking?

And fellow member Clayton has pretty well dedicated his blog to a traffic experiment - http://www.journeyofmyown.com/new-websi ... xperiment/
(hope that link is OK guys...it really is a great experiment - thanks Clayton)

OK, 'nuff now, back to work.

(ps - my wife is a red head too - the mad rambling must be genetic!)
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Thanks for the comments on my post :)

The thing about relationships in your marketing efforts is that you have to focus on it at some point. In my opinion the earlier you do it the better off you will be. some people do it up front, using forums and social sites to interact with customers before sending them to their sites. Other people focus on Google rankings, then get people onto an email list and build the relationships there.

Both ways work, but you have to focus on that relationship at some point.

If you need help along the way, don't hesitate to ask. Although it is overwhelming to see all the information you need to learn, If you just take it one step at a time, and just try to learn the step you are on right now, It will help. Rather than trying to learn an entire system, learn one step in that system, and do it over and over again until you have it down. Then, move on to the next step.
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