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Quick question on selecting keywords :)

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Quick question on selecting keywords :)

Hello guys ,

I have a little question for you all...

What are the best thing that i should look out when I select a keyword?

"Keyword" allintitle:"keyword"

Should the results be lesser than what amount?

I mention that i want to pick 3 words keywords..

Waiting for answer

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Hi Tony,
This could be answered in a few ways but I would look at 1. How big the market is 2. Do I want to focus on a big or small market ( Ex: Weight Loss or Building chicken coops) 3. What competition there is 4. Are there related keywords you can use to compliment the main keyword/theme 5. How many searches per month the keyword gets and 6. What affiliate products can you promote or develop yourself within this niche.

Sometimes it can take some time and testing to sort what are your best keywords to use for any given niche.

I would also suggest you check out this post on doing-keyword-research.
http://www.affilorama.com/market-resear ... d-research

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It would be best to choose "crisis" keywords with a search volume of at least 1500 per month.

You'd be also be able to find good keywords if you join forums related to your niche or check the sales page of the products you are promoting.

You might also want to check Mark's comment on this thread: Finding "Money Keywords" or Good "SEO Keywords"
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