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Question About Alexa Rankings

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Question About Alexa Rankings

Just a couple of newbie questions about alexa.com...

I read a lot of info about seo and a lot of people talk about this site. I was just wondering if anybody uses Alexa to gauge their sites and if it is a useful tool when it comes to optimization?

If it is,then does anyone exactly how it works? I don't know if I can believe the numbers.

About 45 days ago I really started focusing on trying to increase traffic to my site and I starting using Alexa to mark my progress so to speak.

At that time, my blog's Alexa ranking was 15,949,741.

As of today, it is now 3,052,527.

My questions are is this a good thing? And is this growth too fast or too slow? I don't use any tricks or gimmicks, and I haven't bought any "guru's 'gizmos" to increase traffic. For that matter, I don't even submit my articles to anyone. I just put it out there and I use twitterfeed to post it on my facebook page and twitter ( I only have 12 people following me on twitter).

So is alexa.com a good way to check my blog's rankings?
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Hi Fenway,

Alexa is ok to use to track the progress a site makes as you have pointed out above.
You can not grow too fast according to alexa.. so do not stress over that. You are not breaking any rules.. so reach for the stars.
But I really do not take much notice of alexa rank because it only counts the people who have the alexa toolbar installed on their computer.
I would install google analytics to see detailed info about my traffic and you can get good info from your cpanel stats as well.
I do not really care if my site is 3 millionth or 1 millionth most visited as this will progress naturally as time goes on and stabilize ... what I do care about is, is my traffic converting to sales and how can I get more targeted traffic and more conversions.

Hope that helps.
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Hi Fenway
Alexa uses the alexa tool to track who goes to what site. That means the results are purely based on those people who have alexa installed on their browser. You installed alexa and everytime you went to your site, alexa counted you as a visitor. Before you added alexa to your tool bar, probably not too many people were coming to your site (I'm just guessing because it is new), and probably not that many have the alexa tool bar. You now start coming to your site with the tool bar installed and you get a jump in ranking. The same happened to me. I stopped using the tool bar and my rankings dropped back down.
I think the best way to rate your website is in terms of traffic numbers. Just my thoughts.
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The drop in your site's ranking may probably be due to recent changes in Google's algorithm. Please read this Alexa article: Has traffic to your site dropped? You're not alone
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