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Question About Affilojetpack Commissions

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Question About Affilojetpack Commissions

Hey everyone

Hoping someone can clear something up for me.

I'm currently driving traffic to my email list using ppc then sending that traffic to the 10k/month affilojetpack webinar on my thankyou page.

The problem however is that all of my traffic is coming from mobile devices.

So my question is, If I refer someone to signup to the webinar from their mobile device and they later purchase the program after watching on a computer. Will I still get credited for the sale as the original tracking cookie would have been set the mobile device.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Danny,

It depends but there are browsers that is set to save the history to all devices, that will mean savings the affiliate link as well when accessed on a different device.

Also, the link to the webinar is not that easy to remember, they will still have to refer to the email to access the webinar, which means clicking the affiliate link.

Now my answer would be, it is unlikely that you won't be credited for the sale because of the reasons above :)

I would suggest you do a test too to see how the situation goes.
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Hi Mary

Thanks for the advice.

Think I'll do a test run just to be sure.

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thanks a lot danny for sharing to here, i think be succes with a bussines for life :like
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