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Promoting a $20 product vs. promoting a $500 product

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Promoting a $20 product vs. promoting a $500 product


what's more profitable: selling a $20 product or a $500 product?

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Hey Gravy,

Depends. I would rather sell 100,000 20's then 10 500's. Right
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If the $20 product commission is 75%, the $500 is 2%, you will see the different. So it depends.
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If we assume that the commissions are the same (eg, 50% for both products), it really depends on which product you like best, and whether you have patience.

A low-priced product will usually sell more often, so you'll get constant little happy surprises.

A high-priced product will usually sell less often, but when it does you'll get BIG jolt of happy surprise.

If you're selling mostly low-priced products, you might find that your earnings from week to week are pretty steady. Selling a few more or less per week won't really affect the general trend of your earnings. So it's good for people who are nervous :)

If you're selling a high priced product, you might find that one week you'll sell a bunch of them (and earn a bucketload), and the next week you might only sell one (and earn a relative pittance). Your good weeks will be REALLY good, and your bad weeks will probably be pretty bad.

So it depends on whether you prefer things to be more constant, or you can handle the highs and lows. And (of course) whether you like the product itself.
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