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Promote a product without experience?

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Promote a product without experience?

To do or not to do?

Promote a product on your blog or website without experience?
For example, I post useful information about a specific subject and on the left side of my blog/website I will show an affiliate banner. Should I do that or not? Important: I don't have any experience with the merchant which I promote.
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Well, you will never get any experience promoting products unless you start doing so.

So go ahead and do.
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You could contact the merchant and ask for a review copy of their product. Just make sure that your site is already up and give them the URL of the page where you want to promote their product.
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I think it's great if you can get a review copy like Michelle said. You can then post a review about it to your blog as well. Showing that you have in depth knowledge about the product you are promoting usually helps establish authority and trust with the reader.

You can also leverage your review article in multiple ways like spinning it for article submissions, repositioning for video, slide shows, etc.

Btw, if it's a physical product, it helps a LOT when people see you holding a review copy when doing a video review. If its a info product, make reference to some pages in it and highlight it so that people know you actually have reviewed it thoroughly.

Hope that helps,
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