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Product Selection on my Site

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Product Selection on my Site


Looking for some feedback regarding product selection. In the context of: The WOW site we have all been looking at in the training videos seems like it has many different products (essentially one per page- not including the review pages). In the niche that I have chosen to build my first site I have found 6 products. So there is repetition as far as an article linking to a product. I have chosen more often to link to the product with the highest CB gravity. Anyone have any comments or feedback?


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you want to be careful about creating duplicate content so if you only have six products then just stick to the one page one product guideline.

as for product selection, high gravity (anything above 30) is a good start but also look at the payout (less sales with a higher payout can sometimes be more profitable), a good merchant landing page and other related products in the niche you can add to your review page.
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well there you have it - higher gravity is the figure to look for as an affiliate
Link to product that is more relevant to your article e.g. if your article focuses on getting six packs abs then linking to a six pack product will bring in more sales comparison to a flat belly product.

Also, it is easier to rank for less popular products (lower gravity) and then sell the most popular product (higher gravity) through a comparison review page.
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