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Pointers when deciding on a Domain Name

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Pointers when deciding on a Domain Name

Hi there
Truth is i have about 5 half finished website ideas on my desk top that need to get out there.

I seem to get stuck when choosing a domain name what are the main things to consider when choosing one.

Also what are you feelings - should you build lots of little sites that all link back to a main site or can you just build one site with lots of pages.

Thanks Moira
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Hi Moira,
Well for a domain name you should try to get at least 1 keyword in your domain name if you can.
There is not that much to it when choosing a domain name. You don't want to have heaps of dashes in the name of course but 1 or maybe 2 is ok from my tests, (others may argue that point though.. but that's ok)
Try to get a .com if you can, if not then a .net.
You can read a discussion about this here...

As for back linking you should spend a day reading up on this page...
Lots of great info there.

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Go for a keyword in the domain that gets a decent amount of searches via google on a daily basis, I would say anything from 85 daily searches upwards, I have tested this and hence my recommendation,there are other factors such as the number of competing website pages and how many sites have the keyword in or one their home page, but from what I have tested so far if you domain name is a main keyword then it gives it a better boost, also there must be a page on the site that relates to the main keyword, this i have tested and again recommended..

take action and best of success to you
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