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PLR Article Success??

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PLR Article Success??

I purchased the plr articles with affiloblueprint 3. What kind of success has anyone had with these?

I have notice that over 1500+ have posted these on the internet without rewording. With that many people using the same content, even reworded, would it be worth the trouble for SEO or PPC?
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Will be worth trouble if you re-write the content, taking the main ideas and best parts of the PLR and using that for your efforts.

You won't have a problem with using the content for PPC. But you will need to adapt the text for PPC conversion anyway.
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PLR always works better when you make a it a little unique by changing the title, rewording the first paragraph and making the content more unique....and changing some keywords to your own keywords that you're focusing on. Of course if you don't want to change the articles much, you can always use them for your autoresponder message which won't be seen by the search engines.
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