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Please someone helpme

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Please someone helpme

This i really matter of great regret that Click bank aren't except account from Bangladesh. I have no website. I want to do affiliate. I need actual product link just like Click bank. Please help me . If there any affiliate side like click bank.
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endy daniyanto
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Hi rajiblax11,

There are dozens of other affiliate programs besides Click Bank (although Click Bank is one of the largest ones and easiest to implement).

I believe Mark has done a video on this in the free Affilorama area, though you still need to check whether your country is accepted in each program:

http://www.affilorama.com/blog/alternat ... -clickbank

You might also do a search for private affiliate programs.

One example I recently did was to search "brain nutrition affiliate program" and found pages upon pages of private affiliate programs - some from big brand name companies that I would have never thought of!

There are plenty of opportunities available; don't worry if you can't join Click Bank.

In fact, this can be a good thing because then you are forced to find a program that has seriously less competition. You might actually make more money promoting products outside of Click Bank because competition is not so fierce.

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Endy is right. :)

Btw, the link Endy provided is broken. Here is the right link- http://www.affilorama.com/blog/alternat ... -clickbank

I hope that helps!

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Hi rajiblax11,

Endy is right. While we recommend Clickbank, there are other affiliate networks out there that you can join. When I did my research for my latest niche of the week, I came across several merchants that offer their own affiliate program so you might want to look at niches, pick one and then research.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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You can try http://www.Viglink.com , VigLink takes a fee from commissions and then passes on the rest to you.

I have never used it but a lot of affiliates started using it when Amazon ended their affiliate programs in their states.
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