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Please Mark, don't speak so fast in the Videos - I'm French

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Please Mark, don't speak so fast in the Videos - I'm French

Hi Everybody,

I've found Affilorama by chance, one day I was searching one site to promote, browsing the Clickbank site.

I was interested to promote a site selling musical product and I found "Jamorama". On the bottom on jamorama site, there is an "affiliate" link and it is because I clicked on this link, that I discovered Affilorama sale page.

I joigned Affilorama practically the same day and began studying Mark's video lessons.

I'm French, but I'm persuaded that actually, the best internet opportunities, are on English speaking markets and sites ; and since years, I'm also persuaded that the internet is a great great way to make money if you know the best techniques.

Because I spend hours and hours a day browsing the internet, I am able to understand English correctly.

This long introduction about me to say that as soon as I logged for the very first time on my member area on Affilorama, I was amazed by the quality and the volume of the informations which we find there.

The only problem which slows down my progress and whom I would like to formulate a constructive criticism is the difficulties I have sometimes to understand what Mark is saying. It's not because of his "NZ" accent, :wink: but as I said in this message subject, because he is sometimes speaking so fast, that I must rewind the player again and again, sometimes without success. I can't understant some words or fragments of sentences.

To see that I am not able to understand some parts of this quality information, frustrates me a little.

So here is what I do : before watching the video, I first download and read the PDF file to make me familiar with what will be said in the lesson. But the pdf content is not as complete as video and I ask me if I'm often missing some important informations.

The purpose of this post is not to criticize the work done by Mark, which I think is a very serious and high-quality job, but only to tell him, for other members whose basic language is not English, to speak a little more slowly (just a little) for future video lessons he will record.

A lot of success to all the members.

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I find this interesting.... because I thought Mark spoke on a slow rate... any slower and I might have to have a serious think :lol:


Welcome aboard by the way!
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hey jean yves,

Maybe this is a good chance to perfect your English? From your writing it seems you understand English pretty much perfectly, so surely listening to English won't take too long?

This is coming from someone who only speaks English, so maybe I'm completely off :P

Maybe Mark could start doing his lessons in various languages? :P
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Hey Jean-Yves,

Sorry you're having difficulty understanding me! Kiwis are indeed known for speaking pretty rapidly. I didn't think that I spoke *that* fast though. Perhaps you do just need a little practice with the good ole Kiwi accent. It can be a tricky thing :)

I'll think of you in the next video I record, but I can't promise anything!

Good luck! Remember there are written notes for most lessons, if worst comes to worst :)

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I Thought you spoke a bit slow being a south islander Mark :lol: (Go the Blues)

Only joking... True point though people always tell me to slow down when I speak because I get so worked up and excited and my brain is moving a million miles per hour when I'm discussing business.

Hmmm...I'm thinking Affilofrenchorama franchise in the making? :idea:

opporuntities every where, Good comment Galaxy12 8)


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