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Please Help With Article Panel Size Font

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Please Help With Article Panel Size Font

Hey Guys,

I have the AB Theme 2.0 and I'm looking for a way to put my text size in all my articles a bit bigger.

I go to the Article Panel options and I put a size like 14 and it doesnt do anything, it only creates more of a gap space between sentences or paragraphs..

Please help I would appreciate it...

PS : It works on my other site with the same theme, but this one creates GAPs instead of creating the size font a bit bigger.. what am I doing wrong?
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I had that happening on several of my sites too. not sure what caused it. Fix? I upgraded to theme 3.0 and havent had the problem since LOL.
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Try installing the plug-in "EasyMCE Advanced." It gives you the option to control font sizes, font families, styles, quotes, etc. It appears in your dashboard after activation under Settings. Then you drag and drop the items you want to use into the Kitchen Sink. It makes many tasks easier.
P.S. Don't select things you don't really need. It will slow you down.
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