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please help! i have only had one visitor to my site!

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please help! i have only had one visitor to my site!

I am having trouble getting people to my site. Right now i am just using a squidoo lens to get started and try out this whole thing. Here is my lens http://www.squidoo.com/get_the_freshman . If you could give me any pointers or anything at all that you think i should try that could help please let me know. thanks!
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From my point of view I see 7 lines of info about what your looking for with no real value to the visitor and the rest is just advertising.
Not trying to put you down but.. If I went there.. It would look like you're trying to sell to me and no one wants to be sold to.
Just my 2 cents..
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Like Troy said, there's no reason for people to hang around your lens. The best lenses (like the best websites) will be the ones that offer tons of value to the visitors.

Add a bunch of content and people will be attracted to your lens and then they'll buy. Don't expect people to buy just because they land on your page.

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