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Page rank still Zero

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Page rank still Zero

I'm wondering if anyone can give me some solid advice for creeping out of the Google Pagerank = 0 zone! Would be most grateful for any input. Thank you!

My site is http://celebratebirth.com
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Hey Barbara,

Try not to focus too much on Pagerank. It's a backwards way of approaching things these days. It used to be that Pagerank was the be-all and end-all of ranking, but these days it's just ONE of the great many factors that Google uses to determine your search engine rankings.

A better thing to focus on is the number and quality of your backlinks, traffic to your site (not necessarily from search engines), and the amount of social buzz around your content. If you're increasing those month after month (even if your pagerank stays 0!) you're on the right track.
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Here is the answer for your question. Please check out this url....Hope this helps you...
https://www.webseoanalytics.com/blog/is ... imization/
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Hey Barbara,

I think it take time. Just try manually building backlinks. Don't try any of that automate software else you might get penalize.
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