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Outsourcing Prices Skyrocketing?

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Outsourcing Prices Skyrocketing?

Hi Everybody,

I use odesk occasionally for article writing and blog posting. Has anyone noticed prices from contractors in the Philippines have gone through the roof? I'm regularly seeing people on Odesk asking for $15 to $30 per hour!!

Granted, there's still plenty of contractors there at the $5-$7 range, but really???? $25 an hour for blog posting?

Anyone know what's up with that?

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Hey Carl,

There are still the cheaper workers, you just need to look deeper and be specific with what you want. Sometimes if they are lower quality and experience, you need to do more work yourself and create the process, then make instructions.

Then record the process with the intstructoins and send it their way to help them learn quicker. For example, I had a guy who didn't know how to use SEOLV so I did a screenshot tutorial on a word doc and sent it to him. I told him to refer to it if he needed help, and after 1 week, he was doing it as good as I was (putting articles in, choosing categories, setting drip feeds, etc).

Some of the workers put their prices up only when they have current work as well, so don't fall for the illusion that EVERYONE is asking for the ridiculous prices (more than most American individual wages).

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Hi Carl,

Yeah, that's a bit extreme to charge that much just for content creation.

Ashton is currently charging only $6 per article, and in my experience, the quality is very good. Plus, he's part of the "Affilorama family" so he already knows about proper keyword density and so forth.

For a full 30 page Affilorama style site, that works out to only $180 for all the content. Sounds like you'd only get 7 articles from oDesk for that price...

Anyway, sorry if this is too much like a sales pitch, but I'm just really happy with Ashton's writing service :)
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So, people are complaining that writers are actually being paid what they are worth?

It might be 'just content creation' but when you are using SEO isn't content creation the thing that you survive on?

Yes Ashton does do a brilliant job for $6 and article. He should raise his prices.

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