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Outsourcing AMA - How have you done it?

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Outsourcing AMA - How have you done it?

Hi folks,

I am trying out the AMAutomation - and I have to tell you I am very happy with it. I have written 7 articles, and they have been spun over 100 times - and published 73 times (100% publish rate - woo hoo). 2 backlinks in each article means I have 146 links in about 3 weeks back to my site (and still growing).

One thing I am interested in - is how people have outsourced this piece of work.

I outsource all of my articles - and want to do the same for my AM.

Is it as easy as getting someone to write you an article - and then give you a re-write of all the sentences 8 or 10 times? Or is there another way you have tried?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Craig,
Elance.com would be your best bet.
Place an ad describing that you want some articles spun etc..
also, Jpastorizo ( Renato on this forum has a service you can use )

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Hi are you looking for a article rewriter or a back linking system like Free Traffic System. I have both and they work very well. I have web sites on google page one some times three spots. The best article rewriting system for free is Free traffic system. It takes a bit of getting used to but is very effective. The rewriter I use is a one time payment item and it seems to get better the more times I use it. One of its features is it will spin a bunch of copy's and put them in a folder for you.
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