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other methods

mark schaaf
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other methods

I know that Mark sells his plan and teaches his formulas or what ever you call it but sometimes I don't understand why he sends us e-mails promoting other peoples systems.

Isn't the idea for him to sell his system to help others and make money for himself. With that in mind why try and sell someone else's because if it works for that person why would they want to buy something from Mark. I mention this now because he is promoting someones plan that is a one time deal and isn't a membership thing like Affilorama. I of course know that he will get commission on the sale but wouldn't he still make more if he were selling his own stuff.
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Getting leads can be costly for any business owner. I don't know how Mark's funnel is set up now (mostly because I've been on his list for almost 4 years now...). But I imagine he tries to sell people on one of the Affilorama products first.

If after a prospect has been on his list for a while and hasn't bought an affilorama product, it only makes since that they aren't a good fit for AB, AJP, or anything else.

If that's the case, then maybe another product would be a better fit and he could help recoup the loss of acquiring the lead.

Also sometimes people get leads through reciprocal cross promotion.

So, someone might email their list about Affilorama. Then Mark might owe a favor to that person and in return email his list about their offer.

List management can be a complicated and murky world sometimes.
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There are members who are ready to try other things and that is why we send product recommendations through our newsletter.
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List management can be a complicated and murky world sometimes.

I agree. You're quite right on the mark in that we do try sell Affilorama products first, but some members/subscribers are not interested or our course does not fit their needs. So, we recommend products that they may want to give a try. We also recommend other products and services that can complement the Affilorama course/product our members have purchased.

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