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mark schaaf
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Other Forums

I like to go on other forums to see what goes on inside them and ask questions like i do here just to see how much different they are and found a forum that has to be the biggest piece of crap I ever found. I read some stuff and seemed ok so I posted a question and the answers i got back were from the biggest bunch of idiots I think could be on the web. The worst part about it was having to read the rules stating no foul language but every answer I got was foul language. Man I hope none of those people are hackers who can get into my site and mess it up. Never go to the wicked fire forum it isn't worth the trouble.
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Hi Mark,

I have read about Wicked Fire as far as it being a place you can sell your services, but I have never joined or read anything over there. Did you spend any time reading other threads before you posted?

I think there are quite a few forums online that are good for us to post in, and those that are likely to simply be a waste of time. I have to say this forum has been my favorite forum to hang out in. I also like the Warrior forum but I get so distracted over there that I tend to find my way back here where I feel a bit less frantic.

I would like to know of other forums like this one that are good to consider joining. Perhaps others can contribute their thoughts on this too.

Sorry that you had such a bad experience. We're happy you're here. :) Relax, take a break and maybe have a cup of yea.

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I have heard a lot of bad things about Wicked Fire. One day I checked it out quickly and came across a very heated debate. The attacking and bickering was enough for me to say "no thank you". I haven't been back there since and have no want to.
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Hi Mark,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I usually frequent Warrior Forum and DigitalPoint. It's difficult to manage forums once you've reached certain number of members and posts/threads. That's what happened to Wicked Fire I guess.

One day I checked it out quickly and came across a very heated debate. The attacking and bickering was enough for me to say "no thank you".

But maybe that is how they want the discussions to be? Seeing as their forum is called Wicked Fire? :) Just kidding!
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Wicked Fire has had a bad reputation for a really long time. I haven't ever gone there myself, but I remember back when I started out, there were people warning me to stay away. A lot of their service offers are outright scams, even worse than the ones at the WSO section of the WF, and they are really bad about flaming people who call out the scammers in the forum.
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Backlinks Forum is agood one.
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I think I have registered with Wicked Fire but not spent any time there. I did start out on the affiliates4u forum but quite quickly others started to get aggressive in their tone - so I haven't been back for a while. dropshipforum.co.uk was another one I looked into but have not spent much there so can't comment on the community.

I usually dip into forums when I have a problem e.g. http://forum.cmsmadesimple.org/ which I am all over like a cheap suit

I did venture over to the dark side at http://www.blackhatscene.com/ just to see what was going on - it is interesting reading but not really my "scene".

Many years ago I used to frequent phpbuilder.com, sitepoint.com and some ubuntuforums.org but not so much these days. If you ever head over to any of the above search on my username "essexboyracer"

I have to say affilorama forum is the friendliest and frequented more often - other forums that are targeted to IM can sometimes be a little under-used and don't have as much energy around them

EDIT: As with any new forum visited, look for a large post count to see how popular it is - this will give you a guide as to how frequent people visit. I use this especially if looking at adopting a new script or program as it shows how active the community is behind it
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I like to have a look at the Warrior Forum on the regular. I also like to visit Digital Point, and the Backlinks forum. I've even been known to have a look at some of the blackhat sites. Although I'm not interested in blackhat methods, I find a lot of information about whitehat methods as well on those forums. Wicked Fire was completely unknown to me until I read through this thread. Now I know to stay far, far away from it. Thanks.
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