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Online store slow on GoDaddy, any hosting recommendations?

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Online store slow on GoDaddy, any hosting recommendations?


I searched the forums for past posts on this, but there were so many related to 'hosting' after the Affilorama premium membership started including it, that I gave up after the 4th page. Sorry if this is duplicate content.

I don't know how much this relates to your 'typical' internet marketing tools, since it usually revolves around the marketing of physical products, but I just setup an online store on one of my sites using Magento store software (free version available).

Problem is, as expected, it runs slow on GoDaddy's shared hosting plan. I'm told that they run a fine line between selling shared server space and overloading their servers. This normally wouldn't be a problem for static sites like you might make with Affiloblueprint, but for php intensive ones, it can bog them down.

I've had really good service and quality from GoDaddy for the past 5 years or so, but barring using their own dedicated hosting plan, can anyone recommend another provider that is reputible and costs less than their $30/mo?

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Hi Dewey,

I have some of my sites at GoDaddy, but I've started moving some of the bigger ones over to Hostgator. I have a Reseller account that runs me $24.95 per month that I've put several sites on, but you can get a plan as low as $4.95 per month. It just depends on your needs.

You can check out their plans at: http://budurl.com/CheapHosting1

(Yep, it's an affiliate link. It costs the same either way, so, if you don't mind.) :-)

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try mediatemple.net
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Hi I use hostGator in the second plan at $9. a month and I use a wordpress site manager that's free and build template with artisteer one time fee just over one hundred but with host gator you can build unlimited ad on domains free I heard they start getting fussy at about a hundred sites. Who cares if you get fifty its still a great deal $9.00 a month for fifty sites. I put together a whole website last Sunday in four hours thats buying a domain forwarding it loading wordpress to hostgator and building the template loading it to cpanel then loading the site from the store at PepperJam partner . I had only built one site before and know no html or very little I have never done FTP before you can check it out at www.reloadingbullets.net sorry to ramble on good luck with it anyway.
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you can can try free registration of your domain provided by marble host, it is also providing 27/4 services to its customers and daily backup of our precious data,Using its easy to use web hosting control panel, you can specify which version of PHP you want to use, so you can use PHP 4 or PHR 5 whatever you experience convenient , making it even easier for you to run the scripts of your choice from your site.
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