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One small step....

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One small step....

I don't know if anyone gets this excited but I am and I just wanted to share:

I've started my blog last month and in the past 30 days, I have steady watched growth in my traffic. I started averaging 10 visitors a week....and today I broke a hundred visitors in one day!

I also just checked my Adsense account and it is currently at 90 dollars.

Chump change to the gurus, but it lets me know that the stuff works and this hard work will pay off.

Thanks for listening.
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Congratulations! I'm glad the system works really well for you. I'd like to get where you're at myself.
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From 10 per week to 100 a day? You gotta tell me where you get your backlinks!
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Hi fenway2k,

With a hundred visitors a day, I recommend that you put in something there aside from adsense. Put in affiliate links for relevant products, if you don't have them already.

If you can make 90 dollars on adsense, which only pays a small fraction of the commissions that you can earn from affiliate programs, I am sure you can make much much more through promoting products.

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Adsense is indeed a good way to monetize. In my site for example, my average earning ranges from 3-4 USD a day.
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Hey, way to go Fenway!
That is good to hear 'cos we have just started adding adsense to a few of our sites, despite everyone saying it doesn't work.

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I agree, adsence does not pay very well. Try an affiliate program.
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