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Number 1 on Google but No Sales

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Number 1 on Google but No Sales

I have a #1 ranking on Google for two of the product keywords, but no sales. Has anyone any advice on how to turn these clicks into conversions? The merchant site shows no impressions which seems strange for a #1 site, doesn't it?
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Do the following:

1. Search for the number of searches in Google keyword tool

2. Add a tracker to your link (in your clickbank account), and see how many clicks you get

3. Also make sure to check your web page traffic stats

4. Lastly, make sure that your aff link is working properly.

If all this doesn't work, send me a pm and I'll check that for you.

All the best,
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Have you checked how much traffic your getting and from where.. you can also use articles, let me know if you need some resources ...just pm me
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