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Not Enough Keywords for Physical Product

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Not Enough Keywords for Physical Product

Hi guys,
I am pretty confused about finding keywords for physical products.

With AB, we were taught to find any buyer keywords around a niche so for e.g. in the Dog Training Niche, there is Product and Author Name Review

1) SitStayFetch Review
2) Who is Daniel Stevens

then there are other keywords like Stop Dog Biting, Stop Dog Fighting, Buy Dog Training Guide etc which are generic to all dog training guides.

But for physical products,gurus like Dan Brock and Matt Carter seem to only use brand and model number e.g. LG 32LE5300, LG 32 LE5300 TV, buy LG 32LE5300

There is such a limit to how the brand and model number can be varied that I find that I only have 3-4 keywords for each product that I promote. Is that enough to get me good rankings?

My other question is with just 3-4 keywords, how do I add more content to my website after those 3-4 keywords had been used on my site?

Really appreciate any help.

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Hi Magdan,

You have to be a little creative. As taught in AB, product names and authors are good buyer keywords. The same principle can be applied to physical products, although, of course, it depends on the type of product you are selling.

If you are selling art, for example, you can use the name of the artist or the title of the piece as keywords, but of course, it wouldn't work if you are selling TV's like you mentioned.

If I were selling TV's, aside from the brand names and model numbers, I would also use keywords such as "cheap LED TV", "42 inch LCD TV" , "Sony 46 inch LED TV" and the like....

Also, adding content is simple...just add another product or another model.....then you'll have another set of keywords to choose from : )
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Also ask yourself if there are any similar products that you could also promote as well.

Like if you are promoting a certain model of digital camera, you can add more content to your camera website by writing about other makes and models of cameras (canon, nikon, etc.)

That should get you a few more keywords.

Hope this helps.
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all you need to do to totally dominate those keywords is to add a variety of buyer keywords to your titles.
and before I give you some examples, the above comments are also right, especially adding similar products, or even older models of the same product.

OK, here are some of those keywords that you could add.
order, purchase, cheap, special, discount, promotion, sale, get, bonus, online, cost price,
naturally it is easy to do other variations using a buyer keyword like "price".
try something like best price, great price, well priced, special price, a buy now price, budget price etc... naturally you must still include the product name example ... "Best Price LG 32LE5300"

Finally while you do need to have a few pages that have the correct keywords (and I presume that you did check which are the most searched for.) at some point you could get your website punished for having too many pages with very similar types of titles and content.

I would suggest that instead you do more back-linking to those existing pages. Or even start to build link-wheel type blogs that boost your product, or put linking products onto places like scribed.

Best of luck with it all.
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All many thanks for your great suggestions.

So there really isn't too much variation in keyword research btw digital and physical products.

Thanks again.
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