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Newslstter success stories left me depressed

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Newslstter success stories left me depressed

Don't get me wrong everyone I think AffiloBlueprint is the best thing that I ever came across.

When I bought my computer in Feb 2009 at my 3 daughters urging I only knew how to turn it on.

Within 6 months I joined Wealthy Affiliate to learn Affiliate Marketing and it was a lousy experience because they give you no support what so ever but I persisted for seven months there.

I joined two different article writing schools because I didn't want to outlay a lot of money at my experience level and PPC terrified me.

Then I found Affilobluprint and even moving at a snails pace I am steadily making progress and have just hired a writer at Elance to write 30 articles all with Mark and Alettas guidance and feel very excited to get to the finished product.

Then I got the latest newsletter with success stories reading Jacks accomplishment of only being in affiliate marketing for 4 months and he's getting sales because of Affilorama, plus other success stories almost as good.

I guess I'm just jealous as hell, but jealousy as most people know is a feeling you can't help and I have to tell myself that it's just going to take me longer, but I will get there eventually.

I haven't given up, and even though I keep getting all these success stories sent my way and they sometimes have the opposite effect on me, I will with pouted lip congratulate each and every one of those success stories because I hope to one day make another newbie or struggling marketer jealous with my success story. (boy am I low)

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Larry Bauge
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lol im sure alot of new marketers have been in your boat just keep up the good work and im sure one of those stories that get sent out will be about you soon!
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Convience yourself that the stories of others success is affirmation that you are on the right path.

Tens of thousands of other's enter the game going down the wrong path. They are set up by unscupulous "gurus" who keep them inching along, setting them up for the next big secret system that comes down the pike.
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J.C. Dean

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