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Hello everyone!
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Hi Stratos,

I'm a newbie too. But it's some time since I've joined this wonderful program! I'm still learning the traits of affiliate marketing. Yes, it's a lot complicated than I've already imagined it to be. But Mark has almost done most of the hard work to make our affiliate life easier. But you still need to put in effort. He pays the way for you. The rest is all your effort. Just listen to all the videos and you probably will begin to grasp the logic behind all this.

I still haven't quite watched all the videos yet. Take your time.
There are 11 niches for you to choose from. But you can only unlock 5 of them. Till today, I'm still deciding which one to choose. Anyway, you hang around here and find out more about this program by yourself. All the best to you! Take care!

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Hi Stratos,

Welcome aboard! Affilorama is a great place to get started. I know a few successful people have gotten their start here.

There is a lot of good free content here and personally, I owe a lot to the community here.

Let us know if you have any questions.
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Hi Stratos,

Welcome to Affilorama! :)
You can take a look at the free lessons or our tips on getting started.

Have a good day!
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