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Newbie saying Hello

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Newbie saying Hello

Hi to all you savvy marketers
My name is Kiri, originally from Auckland, been living in Sydney approx 10 years. I came upon the Affilorama site by accident prior to the old site going down for reno, so I joined up then.
I know nothing of marketing or any of the jargon you talk about in the forums. Since the site reopened with the lessons, I'm plodding along with those and to be honest, I'M SCARED AS HELL due to lack of knowledge in any type of marketing. For me its like a giant jigsaw puzzle trying to pull all the pieces together. I've been going through the forum to get a better understanding, but since I'm still 'green' the info takes awhile to digest.
Would love to purchase Affiloblueprint and would very much like to know if this would be right for someone like me with zero knowledge. I understand there is a 60day money back guarantee.
I am so eager to learn as I want to create an income online rather than looking for a full time work since the financial crisis hit everywhere.
Thanks for listening (or reading), I look forward to hopefully joining you all in the forums. As the saying goes "we all have to start somewhere".
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Welcome Kiri - having been doing this stuff for a few years - I'd have to say you are in the right place for a good, solid start with the right foundation - no hype - just real nuts and bolts to a long term online income...

You have the tools in your hands now - from here, its all about action and persistence...

Best of luck to you,
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Hey Kiri,

Good to have more Kiwis in the forum, even if they have gone over to the dark side :P

AffiloBlueprint is pretty much tailor made for people with no experience. Mark really walks you through everything. Most of the original participants were complete newbies, and they're all doing reasonably well now, so it must do something right.

And yup, there's a 60 day money back guarantee. Our payments are done through ClickBank and 60 days is ClickBank's standard refund period, so if you don't think it's gonna work for you all you have to do is let us know (or let them know) and you get all your money back. The catch is that it has to be within that 60 days... if it's 61 days you might run into some problems.

- Aletta
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Hi Aletta,
Thanks for your comment, sounds like Affiloblueprint maybe the way to go for me so I can get ahead start on everything. Will have to blow my budget and jump right in to get started.
Much appreciated, will continue my learning the lessons.
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Welcome to the Affiloforum.

I am here since 2006, and I can tell you that this is one of the best place to learn affiliate marketing and finally make a living from your laptop/desktop.

Don't hesitate to post in the forum whenever you need help.

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Hey Kiri,

You are really in the best place to learn all that you need. AffiloBlueprint is the most simple and step by step course for beginners. Mark and Aletta will show you step by step how to get from beginner to experienced marketer in 12 weeks. Totally recommended.

All the best
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Hi, Welcome to this wonderful community,
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Hi Kiri,
The Affiloblueprint will give you the step by step that you need.
But I have found for newbies that they learn a whole lot more by just going through the motions and steps.
It also gets you to take action instead of just sitting there thinking about doing something.
You will be surprised by what you pick up along the way from your own little discoveries and directions you take.

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i am new too and really trying to learn all this stuff is mind boggling, i would relly like to know how to do all this stuff and where to put my ads. i have read about the opt in ads fro like rent a list and some other ones are these ok to use...can anyone out there help me here Janine
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