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Newbie here! What type of website should i create?

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Newbie here! What type of website should i create?

Hi everyone!

I have just become a member. I am really exicited and optimistic with affilorama. I can't wait to get started and have already viewed the mini 6 part course + week 1 of the 90 day road map course.

I have come to the point where i must decide what kind of website i should create and i have no idea what so ever. Does anyone have any suggestions to any type of subject,product, service etc which i should use?

I no what type of subjects are searched most frequently on the major search engines such as celebrities,sport etc but I am not sure which subjects will be ideal.

I would be grateful for any suggestions given! Thanks a lot! :) :D

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Hey Louis!

Firstly, watch the whole set of 90 day videos. There is some coverage there of how to find topic ideas.

Secondly, can you tell me more about yourself and what interests you have, skills you have, etc. Perhaps there could already be something there that could be worked into a great website idea that you will enjoy working on and also be profitable.

Best regards,

ps I removed your duplicate posts because you posted the same question on other categories on the forum.
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I reckon the best way to get started would be to do a site on something you like and are knowledgeable about.

Write down the things that interest you and then go searching, I'm sure you can come up with something.

Either post them here or PM Mark and we'll have a look.
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sorry for posting my post on multiple cateogries on the forum, i just wanted help! but now iv got some thanks!

Well first of all i am fairly young, I havn't gone to uni or college yet. Even though I have just joined afilorama, I have previous experience making money on the internet and my income comes mostly from buying and selling online but now that my studies are taking up a lot of my time I would prefere to make money online this way as i will not have to deal with the time consuming process of handling and posting products and sorting out customer issues, payments etc.

I have a great interest in sports, mainly extreme sports as i participate mostly in this. I also love fine cuisines from around the world, and am very interested in the history,manufacture etc of cigars, wine and other liquors. I also have a passion for music and movies.

These are my main interests.

thanks in advance for any suggestions and guidance.

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I strongly suggest that you do a website all about wine, lots of searches for various wine topics:

143571 wine
133693 dutty wine
53538 iron and wine
40031 wine gift basket
39016 beer wine liquor
38768 wine rack
23242 wine o
21453 wine duty
16819 red wine
15547 wine club
15221 wine making
14394 wine cooler
12153 wine glasses
11911 wine basket
11783 wine bar
11136 april wine
10923 wine cellar
10834 wine store
10523 wine refrigerator
10511 food and wine
10309 wine gift
10282 strawberry wine
10020 architect scam wine
9648 red red wine
9458 wine online
9108 strawberry wine download
8628 wine tasting
7649 wine cabinet
7391 wine bottle
7384 dutty video wine
7339 buy wine online
6828 wine storage
6728 food world wine
6704 wine of the world
6261 wine spectator
5074 wine and spirits
4608 wine glass
4607 wine tour
4587 download red red wine
4553 wine making supply
4235 black fingernail red wine
4045 wine accessory
3925 white wine
3733 wine making kit
3717 wine opener
3681 wine country
3632 fine wine
3606 buy wine
3587 wine label
3544 wine recipe
3389 wine enthusiast
3370 napa wine tour
3368 wine shop
3339 french wine
3301 california wine country
3120 wine of the month club
2966 total wine
2911 wrought iron wine rack
2894 wine country gift basket
2871 how to make wine
2869 california wine
2846 italian wine
2764 dirty wine
2760 wine chiller
2738 california wine tour
2719 charles shaw wine
2663 wine for dummy
2631 port wine
2611 strawberry wine lyric
2597 southern wine and spirits
2595 dutty matterhorn tony video wine
2594 bakers wine rack
2545 wine grape
2458 crate demensions wine
2399 homemade wine
2388 last of the summer wine
2385 australian wine
2375 wades wine
2335 album marley red red wine
2333 wine rating
2295 napa valley wine train
2275 type of wine
2274 home wine making
2257 dutty matterhorn tony wine
2252 bible and wine
2246 food and wine magazine
2184 food and wine pairing
2165 wine glass rack
2163 ice wine
2068 wine wedding favor
2038 ge wine
1980 wine charm
1904 homemade wine recipe
1897 winx club.com
1889 wine review
1872 metal wine rack
1857 wine list
1846 wine bottle stopper
1846 wine and cheese
1809 napa valley wine tour

the above was from overture.

Using the overture view bids tool, I can see people are paying high prices per click on many of those search terms. (broken link removed)

What do you think?

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well i think... that it certaintly seems to be a popular topic and i would be willing to use this as a subject. But it seems that people are mainly searching for wine to purchase rather than the history etc of wine. Also the top search under wine "dutty wine" is a song! :lol:

thanks for bearing with me mark!

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Nothing wrong with people wanting to purchase wine.

Yes Dutty wine is a song and you may not wish to write an article about that, but other search phrases, such as "wine gift basket", are paying well in overture and hence will probably pay well in google adsense.

You could write an article about how to arrange your own wine gift basket or something, or perhaps on different companies that arrange wine gift baskets (especially if they have affiliate programs), even if they don't, adsense will pay well for it.

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thanks, sorry i think i misunderstood something before. i understand it more clearly now. i will give it some thought

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I'm starting to see some progress with my msn and yahoo traffic now, making some small money, but I can see the light! :)

Good luck with your new project freshgame!

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hey georgb!

thanks a lot! glad to hear your making progress. Good luck to you too.
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Hang in there! We're all here to help and Mark is on top of things. He is truly "THE MAN". Follow Mark's suggestion, watch all the video's. The first time through just relax and watch each one, take some notes along the way. I found for myself that printing each lesson and putting it in a 3 ring binder helps me go back and forth for refreshers.

If you find yourself at a sticking point jump in the forum and ask your question. I have never had to wait longer then a day, in fact, the answers to my questions have always been answered very quickly.

Good luck Louis!

Wishing you the best!
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