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New Traffic Methods - What Are You Guys Doing In 2013

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New Traffic Methods - What Are You Guys Doing In 2013

Wondering what you guys are doing these days to get free traffic?
I'm struggling these days and it seems like every time I rank a site in the search engines they change their ranking system and my site goes waaaaay back :(

I can convert the traffic into sales that's not a problem, it's the whole getting traffic that I'm struggling with.

These are my clickbank earnings from a site that get's 5-10 visitors a day -


Week Ending Gross Sales
2013-01-30 (current week) $73.60
2013-01-23 $135.52
2013-01-16 $70.50
2013-01-09 $23.50
2013-01-02 $0.00

Date Gross Trend
Fri Jan 25 $0.00
Thu Jan 24 $0.00
Wed Jan 23 $73.60
Tue Jan 22 $15.31
Mon Jan 21 $0.00
Sun Jan 20 $0.00
Sat Jan 19 $0.00
Fri Jan 18 $46.75
Thu Jan 17 $49.96
Wed Jan 16 $23.50
Tue Jan 15 $23.50
Mon Jan 14 $0.00
Sun Jan 13 $23.50
Sat Jan 12 $23.50
Fri Jan 11 $0.00

^ some of the traffic comes from youtube pointing straight to my affiliate site - no straight to merchants.

I know if I could get my rankings up or generate more traffic I could be making a LOT more. Any ideas, suggestions other than the usual -
video marketing
forum posting
article marketing (rarely do this these days)

Any new tactics working for you guys??

Ohhh forgot to mention, I don't do ppc. Although I have earnings there I have a $0 budget lol. Well, at least until I start getting some of the payments that is.
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Have you re-evaluated your keywords? Did you do some split testing on your site?

The above are just few of the things you should be doing to increase traffic and sales. There are really a lot of factors to consider but you should start re-evaluating things, including your SEO/linbuilding tactics.

Try to check out your competition and evaluate their keywords and backlinks. You will certainly get an idea where they are getting their traffic.

But mostly these days, effective SEO campaign comes from article marketing and SMM.

I hope that helps.

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Thanks for your reply marytordecilla,
Good thinking with re-evaluating my research. Still though, I'm having trouble with ranking sites to get traffic they are highly search keywords that are pretty easy to rank for - well should be but everytime I try something the web changes their TOS or way they rank sites/pages ect...so hard to keep up with change.

Made some more sales since I started this thread but still off those few hits a day?
I'm building links manually daily and have been for months now and starting to feel the whole seo thing is not that good of an idea!

Starting to think all the articles and time I spend trying to get links should instead be focused on writing pages for my own site/s?

Thanks again..

Anyone have any NEW traffic sources they have been trying?
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If you're using YouTube, I know a lot of ways to make your video a lot popular. I suggest doing some research on the keywords you're already using, not just in the tags section but in your title. Search some of your keywords that you may not think you could rank well in and use them in your video.

A lot of people seem to forget about the "Recommended videos" section which are listed as they match the keywords of the video you just watched. If your videos match keywords for videos that are really well ranked, then you will feed off of them and started competing with them. It's a bit cheeky but hey, that's how marketing goes.
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