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New to Affilorama - Got a good feeling but still skeptical

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New to Affilorama - Got a good feeling but still skeptical

Hi Everyone,

I'm George, I'm new to making money online. I tried a google adwords campaign and spent about $100 and only made about $120 back, so that was too much of a close shave for me so I decided to join Affilorama.

I haven't seen any of the lessons yet, but I liked the mini course, hope this turns out to be a good investment and not another scam. I've wasted a lot of money on junk before (not just online.. real estate.. etc).

Anyway i have a good feeling, but am still skeptical.

I'm going to get started shortly, you'll all get to see my progress here.

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Welcome to affilorama. This is a good site to use and Mark is very helpful and will make sure you are on the right track.

I am also new at this so im learning too.

Enjoy affilorama and i know that we will both succeed With Mark and the rest of the very helpful people on affilorama.

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Welcome George!

Relax, this site certainly isn't a scam.

Just go watch some of the videos and ask questions whenever you need to.

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Hey George Welcome,

I think we've all been burned before. I hate to say it, but I think it's part of the learning process. Don't worry though, you'll be glad you joined Affilorama. Just go through the videos, read the fourm posts and when you have a questioin, ask it here on the forums. The people here are very friendly and helpful and Mark over delivers to the max. You'll soon find that you got much more than you bargened for.

John T
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Hey George,

I'm new here too, only been here a couple of days.

But I've already managed to increase my adsense income by 30% and I havent even finished implementing mark's adsense ideas, so I'm pretty happy with my investment.

You've just got to get started, at least you know you are in the right place.

I don't mind helping out either, I think it works both ways. I'm looking forward to this forum becoming a very helpful place for everyone.

Peace out,

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Hey, I'm new to affilorama and was skeptical too. Well still am till I achieve success, but these posts make me feel a lot more comfortable knowing I can talk to everyone here and can team up with everyone so we can all follow each others success!

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Hey steph, great to meet you here too, I wish you lots of success and remind you that we are all here to help!

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